Monday, February 21, 2011

Pink Pasty Paedophile Malcolm Lidbury

Pink Pasty Paedophile, Malcolm Lidbury

 Malcolm Lidbury is a convicted paedophile on the Sex Offenders register.
 He Claims to be some kind of gay spokes person, but this is a cover for his true lust for young adolescent boys.  
 Do not trust this man  especially around children.  You have been WARNED!

 He was convicted at Bodmin Crown Court on 27.07.88  For Indecent assault  on a 14 year old boy. He received a 2 year prison sentence.

 He appealed against the Sex Offenders register in 2006. But got turned down, and during the court session he openly admitted  being a peadophil.

 You will see from all of his gay blogs he dose not mention any of this. Here are some links:-

Pink Pasty blog site 

You tube pink pasty Channel